Wednesday, December 2, 2020

Birthday Flowers

 Hey stampers, Anni here!

Between all the Christmas cards we are seeing on the internet right now I am sharing a birthday card.

I wanted to make a birthday card for a good crafty friend and I was in the mood for watercolouring. My favourite images for watercoöours are föowers. So I went for the Doodle Flowers set.

  • I love no line colouring. With this technique you get a totally new look from your stamps.
  • Stamp with a very light ink. This way you can not see the lines later.
  • Contrast is the key word for no line coloring: Make the shadows really dark and keep some areas really light. Don't be shy - the contrats brings your colouring to life.
  • I strt with watercolours but later I love to use coloured pencils for the shadows. With pencils I have way more control than a brush.

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