Saturday, July 6, 2019

VIDEO Art on a Card - Playing with Craft-Supply-Stamps

Hello everybody :-)

Soday there is a new Video I made for you, as always in my best englich (hihi) and I show you on two cards how I mix crafty reality on a crafted card ;-) Follow me into the rabbit hole....

What I mean with rabbit hole? I tried to create a double-layered reality with a finished card but also with the process to finish the card shown ON the card... to creepy? hihi... ok, just watch the Video, its easier than I explained it ;-)

Today is only a german video.. I'm so sorry for that. I THOUGHT I loaded up an english version, but something failed with my voiceover! I have no idea what is is...

So her is only the german version....

There is a new restock in our Shop! Acrylic Blocks in different sizes and with gridlines on it and a looooot of beautiful chipboards

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