Saturday, May 4, 2019

(VIDEO) Underwater Scene

Hello everybody :-)

Summer is coming.. somewhen.. so maybe we all can grab our water/sea/fishy-Stamps to create cards wich makes you want to have the summer now....

For some time now I really wanted to try out these "sunbeams break through the water"-thing. There are some great artists or lessons outthere, and you can surely do it with copics. But I wanted to try it with Distress Oxides.

Here you can watch the Video in english

.. and here in good old German ;-)

If you do not have a stencil like that, you can create one by your own. Just take some stable acetate, draw your lines with pencil & ruler and then cut it with your scissors or cutter-knife.

The newest Release-Week hast just startet!!! Wohooo! Stay tuned of all the sneak-Peaks you'll see here, or on Isntagram or in our Facebook-Groum :-)

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