Saturday, November 3, 2018

1 Monster - 3 Colorings [Video-Comparison]

Hello everybody :-)

Today I have a different video for you. I made cards, but I only show you my coloring. Ok, at the end I also show the final cards ;-) But the focus is on that coloring...

I just wanted to make a video of all my pros and cons about each coloring-medium. I can´t say wich I like most. It depends of the time I have, or sometimes the seize of an image, or sometimes I just feel "this stamp need to be colored by zigs" ;-)

So I had fun by showing you ONE image in three different colorings :-) I hope you´ll like it

Here is my Video in perfekt (not) english

Und hier das Video in Deutschöhliche-schreiertage-1/#cc-m-product-13959974823

This set is also available in english, HERE

There is a new Design-Team-Call for our Challenge-Team. You´ll find all informations at our Instagram-Feed :-)

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  1. As a colorist, I found this a wonderful way to compare these coloring mediums. Each one is well done. I would love to see you add colored pencils as the final finish to the Copic one in the future. I think you will be surprised at how nicely they play together and give you that finer control.