Wednesday, October 5, 2016

((VIDEO))) Stamped Images on Candles

Hi everybody, 

this is Birka and I have nooo card for you today :-)

But I have an awesome cooperation with my lovely DT-friend Nicole. She came up with this technique to get stamped images on candles :-) So, our deals is: I do the Video, and she is doing some more candles for you... so wait for her post tomorrow, there are comming more candles ;-)

The summer is over, and the cold an "couchy" season is beginning.. so, best time to do some candles.

Here is the Video in english

Here is the Video in german

After watching the Video you know I've been talking about what could be a good image for Candles. I have a better idea now: Maybe you should try to create a front and a backside,  or a kind of pattern.

Enter our monthly challenge (via the pic in the right sidebar), the theme is "embellish" AND you can win a create a smile voucher :-)

So, I hope I will see a looot of candles from you! Cant wait for it :-) Thanks for watching, best wishes,


  1. Unfortunately, I've not been able to watch the video. I hope it will work tomorrow, I find this idea just awesome. These candles can make personalized gifts, really great.

  2. Fabulous tutorial! Love those cute images you use on the candles.

  3. So awesome, Birka, you have done a great job here!

  4. I've finally been able to see the video today ! It's really a fabulous idea and the video is very well done, all the explanations are very clear. Tomorrow, I'll go to get the material ! Thank you so much to have share this idea with us.

  5. What an awsome idea! Especially for christmas! :D
    Could you also use Copics for colouring or wouldn't this work?

  6. What a neat idea. I would love try this but I am having trouble finding the paper you used. Can you tell us where we can find it on Amazon? Thanks for sharing!

    1. I think that Birka used regular tissue paper. In my country, like in Germany, as I understood from the translation, is also called silk paper, but it's the exact same thing as tissue paper. I hope this will help... and that I'm not saying something wrong :).

  7. Thank you so much for the tutorial! I can see myself making some candles as Christmas presents :). They look amazing!

  8. I really like the candles and would love to do this but I am not sure the kind of paper you used. If you have time, please let me know. Thank you.