Sunday, October 23, 2016

Bold Background + Saving Money Tips

Hi everyone! How's your week been? Thanks for the nice comments last week. I'm waiting for my second pack of Distress Crayons order to arrive and I would share more next week. So, I hope you'll stay tune if you are thinking of getting them but you're unsure. 

P.S : Giveaway winner has been revealed my instagram :)

So today, I'm sharing with you a bold and very simple card with some tips throughout the tutorial. Alternative ideas for you to save some money on crafting.

For this card, to start I'm using the background stamp, versamark ink, watercolours & watercolour paper. You can use ANY watercolour medium that you have. If you have invested in various Distress Inks, use them. If you don't, any basic watercolour will do. I know I've seen simple watercolour palettes in a dollar store! Bargain :D 

I buy regular, not professional watercolour paper. When you're doing simple cards like this, you really don't have to spend too much money on watercolour paper. It works perfectly fine. 

When it comes to using a big background stamp, I prefer to put the paper over the stamp rather than the stamp over the paper. This allows me to see exactly where it'll stamp and also I don't have a stamp press for a big stamp ;) 

I've decided to use a gold embossing powder today. No idea why. LOL. I honestly sat on the table and thought, eh, why not? You use embossing powders. Try them out even if it's not white or gold. It might turn out cool :) Don't buy and leave them in your cupboard ;) 

I bought some craft foam thingy (sorry I don't know what they are called) to stick my watercolour panel. I don't do this often but my watercolour paper was slightly warping from the embossing, this foam helps to keep my paper straight. 

Ah. The iridescent medium from Winsor & Newton is my best buy ever. If there are other brands cheaper, you ahead and try it out. But if you can get a hold of this, I highly recommend it. It gives the EXACT same effect as the Wink of Stella and it has more. So it's super cost efficient.

So create a little pop-up banner. I've scored two lines and use the lines as a guide to fold the paper like the photo below. Snip of the excess and create a little fishtail. You can give this a try with regular writing paper to see what you like.

Unless, I'm required, I don't buy paper from a specific craft brand. I would love to but shipping cost isn't my best friend :( But black paper. You can find it in all your stationery store ;) 


Hope you've enjoy the tutorial and find it helpful! Let me know if you have something in particular that you would like me to do a tutorial for. 

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