Wednesday, September 16, 2015

New Girl, with presents for you

Hello lovelies!

I happy happy and sad news. Sad first: Michelle is currently dealing with health issues and won't be able to create new videos for you for a while. We wish her all the best and hope she'll be better soon. Please keep your fingers crossed and send her some warm thoughts :) Thank you!

Now for the good news. My friend Birka (that i had the pleasure to meet iin real life this summer) will be stepping in for Michelle. Today's her first post, she's super excited (and so am I!) I know you'll love her videos (and she's doing her voiceovers in German AND English - how fantastic is that!

Please give a warm welcome to Birka:

It's also Birka's birthday today - 
happy happy birthday Birka, 
wishing you all the best and hope this is a great start to a new year ;)


Hi everybody.
Yes, I'm so very happy, that Christine asked me you fill in Michelles place in her Video-Team. Michelle needs some time for feeling better, and because of this it's not only a happy arangement for me. I wish Michelle all the best. But nevertheless I'm feel so happy about making videos for create a smile. I follow christines way since the first step and always loooved her prducts.
So, please forgive me my expandable englisch, and I hope, you have fun

Ok, I'm happy, lets go

Show me ANYBODY, who do not want so SEE what is inside his present :-)
So, I made it possible :-)

You can watch my video in ENGLISH or in GERMAN :-) as you like

HERE in Englisch

Here in German

Wrap it up


If you think you are ready, pick up your gel-pen. Mostly it can brings some more little interests to your card


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  1. Juhuuuuuuuuuu! Wie toll! :D
    Glückwunsch liebe Birka! Sowohl zur DT-Zugehörigkeit als auch zum Geburtstag, du liebe!!! :)
    Ich bin gespannt auf alles was da kommt. <3
    xo Julia

  2. na, da gibt es ja gleich noch einen Grund zum gratulieren

  3. Hope michelle feels better soon...Love Birka's shaker card!

  4. Yeah Birka ! Herzlichen Glückwunsch, zum einen zum Geburtstag, als auch zum Designteam. Finde ich super ! Viel spass wünsche ich dir und weiterhin so tolle Erfolge.
    Übrigens, dein Video ist auch super !
    LG Jessica

  5. Auch von mir Happy Birthday und Glückwunsch zur Video- Designteam- Mitgliedschaft. iIch freue mich schon auf deine neuen Beiträge! Lass dich feiern! LG Gisela

  6. Great card! And loved the video!