Sunday, May 3, 2015

Stretching Your Stamps : New + Old + Masking!

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Today, I'm so excited to share with another one of my Stretching Your Stamps posts! This card, I've used this "formula" New + Old + Masking! Read ahead to find out more...

The idea is to inspire you to combine your older stamp set with your new stamp set :) This way, you are extending the life of your older stamp set and I think that's pretty awesome. 

From my New stamp set, I choose to use this adooooorable octopus and stamped it on a watercolour paper as I will then use my watercolour to colour it. And I also stamped it on my post-it to create a mask.

I wanted the octopus to look playful so I chose this umbrella image from an Older stamp set. (List of supplies listed below). I masked of the octopus and the umbrella so that I can have an overlap stamping. Don't you just love this technique? :D 

To create my background, I took the patterned paper and cut it into like a broken-glass look instead of a piece of rectangle. I've added vellum paper to often the background and that's it!


Trust me, whenever you get a new stamp set and you're done playing with it just the way it is, look through your older sets, you'll be surprise at how well you can combine them :) 

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