Saturday, April 25, 2015

Watercolor Bouquet

Hello Crafters!

It's Kelly here, I know twice in one week! Don't worry you'll be seeing the super talented Anika soon. We just pulled a little switcharoo :)

I can't seem to get enough of watercoloring lately and today's card is no exception.

About a year ago Dawn Woleslagle posted a video where she did a flower arrangement in a sweet little mug. I adored her card and as soon as I got my hands on Coffee First I wanted to try to do something similar.  The flowers in Botanical Love are quite a big bigger than Dawn's but so is my mug ;)

I used Distress Markers to do all my stamping, except the sentiment. The reason I like the markers for this instead of the pads is because they don't put down as much color and it allows for selective inking. So not only can I stamp my flower parts in yellow, pink, and green all at the same time I can also leave parts uninked. Like the corners of my mug where I knew the leaves would hang over. 
I stamped and masked all my images before beginning my watercoloring. 

I'm so far from a professional it's ridiculous but here's how I do it. I lay down an initial wash of color on select parts that don't touch each other. Before it completely dries I drop in some additional color for shading. After it's all dry I revisit each part. I add any extra shading I want to and blend it in. Once all my coloring was done I added little details such as Wink of Stella and some white gel pen dots. 

The sentiment is a combination of other sentiments. The "You're" was created by using letters from the "take your time to" in Botanical Love. I could have just used the "Your" part but's it's grammatically incorrect lol. It's the little things ;) 

To add shading you can scribble some ink on your craft mat/acrylic block and pick it up with your block or use the fine tip of your marker directly to the paper. 

My design is not your typical fluid watercolor. I used very little water. If you want a looser look add more water but it will distort your stamp shape more. 

You don't have to take the time to mask if you don't want to. You can just either not ink that portion of your stamp or wipe the ink away before stamping. 

We are having a kit party over on Facebook. Head over there to check it out! Lots of good stuff :) 

Thanks for visiting today!!


Jungle Fever
Coffee First 

Botanical Love 


  1. This is totally gorgeous!! Your watercolouring and composition are stunning :)

  2. Kelly, as always such an inspiration. Love your watercolouring, composition, everything.

  3. How lovely!!! Beautiful coloring!!

  4. Stunning and so creatively made! Love how you turned a coffee cup into a flower pod! Amazing colouring as well!

  5. You say you aren't a professional?Okay, maybe you are not professionally trained, but your coloring skills are amazing! Wow! Thanks for the tips you shared. Again, wow!

  6. This card is so beautiful, Kelly! Love those white dots.

  7. Kelly, you know how much I LOVE your mad colouring skills - what a stunner card this is!

  8. A beautiful combination of the stamps,i like it so much!

  9. Absolutely GORGEOUS work of art, Kelly! Thank you so much for all of your tips and tricks, of these days I'm going to try it!

  10. You are so flipping amazing!!! You MUST teach me the next time we are together. <3