Sunday, November 23, 2014

Sunday Stencils #7

Happy sunday everyone!

It's Sunday Stencils time! I hope you had a fabulous weekend with lots of crafty time. What was your best part of the week-end? 

Today is a tragedy! I made a card that I didn't like at all...look at this:

It's dark, it's glittery - but anyway... I'm sharing it with you ;) (Feeling a bit embarassed though ;) )

I really wanted to share the use of Stamp 'N Bond with our Stencils. Bescause it's fun to have glitter in other shapes than just strips, right?

  • Watch the video to see how this card was created:

  • be careful when you heat the Stamp 'N Bond. If you heat it for too long, it will dry and turn into a non-stick surface.
  • Don't overdo it! (haha!
  • I was NOT happy so I made a card that's not completely coveres by the glitter-panel. I love this WAY MORE!

  • White Cardstock
  • Brown Cardstock
  • Versamark ink
  • Stampendous Stamp 'N Bond
  • Silver Embossingpowder
  • Gold Embossingpowder
  • Silver Glitter
  • Gold Glitter


In the video I asked for ideas on new video series. What would you like to see videos about?
  • using patterned paper?
  • interactive cards?
  • coloring techniques?
  • ...
What else can you think of and what are YOU interested in?
We'd really love to know!

Thanks a lot for visiting!


  1. What a fun video...I appreciate that you stuck with it even though it wasn't your's a bit too glittery for me too... I do like the technique and maybe with a white glitter on the black it may have given you the same effect without being so "disco"...??

  2. Both cards are gorgeous! :)

    I would love to see a series using patterned paper! I love patterned paper but sometimes I find a challenge using them as I'm so used to using only stamps and colours. It would be great to get more ideas on using patterned papers.

  3. Oh, Christine, thanks for this video, I'm just planned to create card using stencil and embossing, so it will be helpful!
    I'd like to see how you make interactive cards in future videos)

  4. You and I must be on the same wavelength - I made a card the other day that has no white (mostly navy blue and gold, with a teeny bit of cream, but that's all), and I hate it! Not planning on posting it! I love your silvery card - less is more. I stay away from glitter, too - but I love glitter cardstock ;)