Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Merry Christmas With Candles And Glitter

Hi guys!

Merry Christmas everyone! Only a couple of days left, so thought I would say it with help of a little card. This is a clean and simple card, it's also pretty quick to make, if you still need something to send to a friend. When I saw the "With Candles and Glitter" stamp set I knew I wanted to make this card, and bling it up with as much glitter as possible.

My idea was to use several of the candles but still keep the card very clean and neutral. I did this by using neutral colors that coordinate with the glitter.

The techniques behind getting this result is quite easy and here is a video on how I did step by step.

The thinner the layer of glitter is the faster it dries, so if you really want to make the card quick, add just a little bit. Or use a glitter brush pen like the Wink of Stella, that dries immediately.

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  1. Hi there. Just checking in on uou as your website says there are delays due to health problems. I've been emailing about my order which showed in my door empty with no stamps. I've had no reply all week. Want to make sure everything is ok with you and your company. Thanks and merry Christmas.