Sunday, September 11, 2016

Stencils - Part 3

Hi everyone! Let's jump to it, shall we? Today, I'm doing one of my favourite ways of using stencils. Embossing + Watercolouring, of course :)

I started by using some painter's tape to tape out a shape. In this case, a triangle. I use painter's tape because it's a temporary tape. You can use washi tape or any low tack tape. 

Press on the versamark ink over the stencils, lift up the stencils and pour some white embossing powder and here's what you get : 

I added some watercolours to the lines and that's it! Easy peasy! :) 
I used the Create A Smile Alphabet stick to start with a big bold sentiment. Seems perfect for the colourful top ;) 

Here's another look using the same technique (minus the watercolour). 

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Diagonal Grid Stencils

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  1. Oh my gosh, I need to buy some painters tape! I don't think my dad has any even though we have paint down our basement. I don't think this blue tape was invented when he did painting. I love what you did! I want to try that with my stencils! Thanks for the inspiration!