Monday, March 21, 2016

Saturday Scrap Scenes with Terhi | Fun

It's Terhi here sharing a layout with some really heavy mixed media. Or at least it felt like so while creating the piece, even it doesn't show like that anymore - thanks for layering!

The topic of this layout is my dear horse. She is calm and easy to handle but she is still a horse, and horses need to have "horse"-fun once in a while. So I let her run wild on the field, and as you see in the pictures, she really had fun.
Of course I wanted to use "fun" as my title, we have such an amazing chippies in Create A Smile store, that you always find perfect for your project.
And to keep on the fun-line, I decided to make a lot of layers. Both paper and medias.

Please find the video below or watch it here.

Stamps: Crystal Letter Lower
Dies: Stacked Pierced Ovals
Stencil: Waves
Other: Chipboards - Fun, Sending Sunshine Enamel Stickers

If you watch the layout closely, you'll find a lot of details, lot of layers and little pieces of paper. Most of them doesn't have any reason to be there. It just was so much fun to add them there, so don't be afraid to add "too" much things on your creation, sometimes it turns out better than less.

Terhi xx

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