Saturday, October 18, 2014

Penguin on the beach

Anni here with a special card today!

I usually make only traditional cards! I don't think much about the way I want to fold them! But sometimes I see a card or a tutorial and I just HAVE to try it out!
I came across this tutorial and instantly LOVED it! It is so cute! Check it out! So knew I had to make a card just like this.
When you use a tutorial do you just use the idea of it? Or do you need all the measurements? I take most of the time only the idea and make it work for my design!
And for the sentiment I used WOW! embossing powder!

Here you can see how the card opens.

And than I got even happier when I realised that the penguin with the surfboard from Penguin Party fits perfectly on the towel and under the sun umbrella from Comfy! How cool is that?
Awww, I want to be where he is!

Do you use special folding for your cards? Which is you favorite? Leave us a link to a tutorial!



  1. Die Karte ist einfach toll!!!!! Und wie wurde denn dieser krüschelige Kreis geschnitten?

    1. Liebe Birka, da war ich richtig retro und habe eine Musterschere benutzt! Das ist die einzige, die ich nicht weggeschmissen habe!

  2. Now how stinkin' CUTE is this!! I love those penguins! ;)