Wednesday, September 2, 2020

Rainbow Frog

 Hey stampers, Anni here!

September just begun and I have a card for you with more of a autumn feeling.

I had the frog already per coloured on my desk. But with the high temperatures we had in the last weeks it just didn't feel right to make a rainy card. The temperatures are lower now and September has started. So now it was time for the frog.

  • I have all my stamps and dies cataloged in an app called Evernote. For every set I added catch words so I can find any item I have in my stash. I searched for a sentiment that had something to do with rain and find this one that says something like Friends are the colourful umbrella in the rain.
  • Because of the sentiment I wanted a colourful background. I chose colours that matched the colours I used for the frog and added in 2 others to fill up the rainbow.
  • I masked of stripes on the panel in the width of the sentiment and ink blended the rainbow.
  • To calm down a busy background it is always a good idea to add a layer of vellum.

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