Saturday, December 14, 2019

[VIDEO] Outside-Pop-Up-Card

Hello to all of you,

this is my last video before Christmas, and I'm one week too late, I had soo much christmas-stress... but now its ready and I hope you will like it.

One evening in bed I had the idea of this kind of card... and I forgot it.. hihi.. but lucky me, two days later it came again into my mind and here it is: my outside-pop-up-card :-)

As usual, first some pictures....

I thought, the most of the pop-up-cards had thier action inside. But I wanted to create a card, standing like a card, but having its action in front of all

Here you can watch the video in English

Hier ist das Video in Deutsch

You think this year is nearly over? But no, we will have another last Release this year ;-) stay tuned for getting some sneak peaks along the next days ;-)

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