Monday, February 9, 2015

Fabruary Countdown #4 - Inspiration by Yoonsun and Samantha

Hello crafty friends,

it's countdown-time! Only 4 days left until the new products will be available at our store.  Yaaaay!

Today is Yoonsuns and Samantha's turn. Before we get started I'd like to show you what's waiting for you during the next days:

Tuesday:      Countdown "3" Inspiration by Anja and Marina
Wednesday:  Countdown "2" Inspiration by Kelly ans Anika
Thursday:     Countdown "1" Give-Away-Time!
Friday:         Countdown "0" IGNITION!!!! Sets will be released at 8am CET (2am EST)

It's time for the parade.

Samantha used the cute critters from Eggsta-ordinary Egghunt for some easter-tags. I love her splashed of ink, her use of washi tape and her coloring. Her texture just makes me swooooon! I want one of them for easter, please!

Samantha Mann 

Yoonsun created a BUNCH of cards with Botanical Love - seems he fell in (Botanical) love :) And I immediatley fell in love with her card when I saw them. So different, so elegant, so fun and colorful. She just knocks my socks of - and she's the queen of watercolors!

Yoonsun Hur

What is not to love about these sets? They're fun - and that's what it's about!

Here's the full release again, to take a closer look:

Thanks for stoppin' by and getting excited with us! :)


  1. AWWW....I looove those farm critters, they're so cute!!!

  2. For someone who never really gets into the spirit of Easter, I'm totally smitten with the Easter set. Those egg-animals are TOO cute and I can see myself using them for non-Easter themed cards as well.

  3. EGGcited for this EGGcellent release!!!

  4. Hallo Christine,
    oh wie toll. Ich bin ganz verliebt in die Eggsta-ordinary Egghunt. ♥ Die muss ich unbedingt haben.
    Liebe Grüße

  5. Love both the little egg critters are fabulous florals - can't wait until release day! Cool inspiration too :)

  6. Blumen und freundliche Ostertiere, der Frühling kann kommen!

  7. Oh, eine Stempelplatte schöner als die andere - ich freu mich schon!

  8. GORGEOUS!!!!!!
    Super love the inspiration!!

  9. SUPER CUTE and gorgeous..LOVE it!

  10. Cute and then drop-dead beautiful! Great new stamp sets! Can't wait to see the paper pack, too.

  11. my goddness this cards and tag are so amazing and so beautiful!!!