Saturday, February 21, 2015

Almost One Layer...

Hey, Anni here! Hope you have a great weekend!

With all the no line watercoloring going on on all the blogs in these days I knew I wanted to try this technique, too! And I wanted to challenge myself to make an one layer card because I still struggle with them. I ended up with a second layer for my cardbase because I didn't wanted to waste my watercolor paper! But it is nearly an one layer card and Iwanted to share some tipps and tricks with you on the way!

  • Mask of a part of the card in an angle for the sentiment.
  • Cut masks of the flowers and leafes.
  • Stamp the flowers and leafes in a light shade. Use your mask for some overlapping!
  • Color the flowers.
  • Pull away the mask and stamp the sentiment.
  • Assemble the card.

  • For achieving dimension on an one layer card masking is a fantastic technique. You can use masking paper, post its or thin paper with removable adhesive for your masks.
  • Don't only use masking for the motifs but also for a place for your sentiment!
  • For more intrest add embossing lines. Hope you can see them in the detail photo!
  • For no line watercoloring it is very important to color one area at a time! Always let it dry first before you move on to the next area!

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  1. I really want to try no line watercolouring, Anni - thanks for the inspiration! I just got my botanical love set and that looks like a good one to try this technique with :) Your design is gorgeous - love the masking and embossed lines.