Wednesday, March 1, 2017

[VIDEO] Watercoloring with birdie

Hi everybody :-)

I have a new and very quick&easy Watercolor-Video for you


I LOVE watercolor-Backgrounds.. but I was looking for a different style this time :-) So I made this kind of stripe

Watch the video in english....

.. und hier in Deutsch

Use more than one layer of watercoloring, so you have more of this watercolor-effect ;-)


Today also startet our new Challenge of the month ;-) just scroll to the last post, there you'll find all informations. Also you can always find in the right sidebar the link to the challenge-post ;-)



  1. Ein sehr schönes Kärtchen <3
    Gruß scrapkat

  2. Sehr süß. Gefällt mir total. Das werd ich mir doch gleich mal im Hinterkopf abspeichern...