Sunday, June 14, 2015

One Design, Two Looks

Hi everyone! Today I'm showing with you two cards but using the same design idea. This is the type of design that is pretty quick and easy to recreate and make a bunch of cards pretty quickly to make a set. 

The idea is to share with you that one design can be rotated and change a few colours to achieve completely two different cards.

These cards are pretty easy to make. I started out by roughly made some curvy masks using my masking paper to keep the edges clean. This allows be to have a define and clean line. 

For the first card, I only used solid stamps and use a couple of ink colours to make a colourful clutter of flowers. 

For the second card, I decided to use one non-solid stamp to show you that you do not have to always colour in your stamps :) I did mix this design with a couple of solid stamps to pull everything together. I reused the same masks I used for the first card :) 

I also added some glittery gold banner below each sentiment so that there's a nice separation between the busy design and the sentiment.

Create A Smile - Botanical Love
Create A Smile - Aus dem Hut gezaubert
Create A Smile - Magic Flowers

Those mini solid stamps you might find in your stamp sets are great for filing up spaces or even create an entire background with it :) The little ones likes our attention too ;) 

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