Monday, June 2, 2014

Introducing the Design Team - Day 1

Good morning everyone!

Hope you had a nice weekend. Our was exciting, revealing our Facebook-Page and also out Blog and Twitter Account. People seem to be exciting about the upcoming stamps - so are we.

We still have to wait (at least a few weeks) for the first release - but he have so much more to share with you while you join us, waiting.

First of all, we'd like to introduce our Design Team members to you.

It's a team of super-talented, kind, supportive, (even beautiful, although this was not the point in our decision, hehe!) girls that will rock our stamps. They're already doing hard work in the background: collecting stamp-ideas, playing with images, planning surprises for you,.. and a lot more.

Today, we'd like to reveal.....


I met Linda when I started as a DT member at A Blog Named Hero , she's one of the owners. The more I got to know her, the more I felt sorry she lives at the other end of the world. Now it's time for YOU to meet her:

Hi Linda,
nice to meet you! Take a seat, get comfy. May I offer you something? Coffee or cookies?

Hi Christine! Thank you , I‘ll always say yes to coffee ☺

Okay, you know why you’re here: People want to know everything about you. Let’s start with something simple:
You’re a paper crafter. When did you start and how did it happen?

I’ve always loved paper, stickers, pens, ink etc. One day, in 2006 my sister mentioned a papercrafting store that was just up the road from our house, so we went to check it out. The rest, as they say, is history ☺. I first started scrapbooking in about 2008, and cardmaking around a year later, so I’m fairly new to the industry in some ways.

What kind of projects are your favorite? And why?

I love different styles for different reasons! I love cards, because they’re small, easy to ‘fill‘ the space, I love that they are designed to be sent to someone.
I also love scrapbooking layouts, because I love the freedom they offer (with their size), I love that I can make them to help remember things about our lives, and that some day, my children, (and maybe grandchildren) will look at them and feel connected to me.
I love Mixed Media canvasses, because they allow so much fun, and almost nothing is a mistake, you can always add to it or alter it more to create the effect you were hoping for. It’s play, at its very best.

Is there one technique that you use more often than others?

I’m really not sure. I think my techniques change a lot because my style changes a lot. I dont have one particular style. I do love stamping, adding layers and distressing the edges, I love colour and I adore humour in my crafting.

If you look at other people’s projects: What amazes you and what makes you frown?

I’m always astonished at how beautiful a really modern Clean and Simple card can be. Or geometric designs. I’m terrible at them but love them too. What makes me frown?? Maybe when I attempt to do a card thats really outside my norm. I frown at my own work a lot. lol

You’ve been paper crafting for quite a while. Is there a lesson you learned that you’d like to share with our readers?

If you can, try not to craft with the purpose to be on a Design Team, or to be well known etc, just craft because you love it. Be real and honest, and the rest will often come.

Let’s get to something personal. You live in Perth what’s your favorite spot there and why do you think people should visit this place?

I live in Perth, Western Australia, but I have to admit, it’s not my favourite city, not at all. My family are here, and we’re here for them and my children. It’s a beautiful city, don’t get me wrong! My favourite place here in Perth would be near the wineries down south of the state, it’s near the ocean too, so it makes for some gorgeous areas. My favourite place in the world is Japan, I lived there for 2 years and it’s never left my consciousness. I miss it every moment of every day. To me, it’s home.

What is a characteristic that describes you the best?

I think I’d either be known as loyal or funny. I tend towards humour a lot, I love seeing people laugh at something I’ve said or done. And I’m loyal to a fault. I love having people rely on me, and asking me for help. It really makes my day.

What else should people know about you?

Ummmm, I have no idea. I can do accents? I’ve done them since I was a little kid, I’ve always loved singing and acting, so listening to people with an accent speak, I tend to end up copying them without really meaning to!

Thanks for the interview  Linda, I’m so glad and honored you joined out little team!

I’m beyond honoured you asked me Christine, thank you so so much, I can’t wait to see where this amazing journey takes us ☺

Linda posted a card using our freebie on her blog last week (Oh yes, there were hints about the team already.. hehe):

If you are new to Linda - Check out the blog and become a follower - she always comes up with amazing designs!


  1. What an adorable card! So fun to read about you Linda!

  2. Such a great card and what a nice way to learn more about Linda loved the interview.

  3. I love the card! SO adorable! It's GREAT getting to know more about Linda! :)

  4. I love the card! SO adorable! It's GREAT getting to know more about Linda! :)