Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Inroducing the Design Team - Day 5

Good morning!

Wow, that was a stormy night here in Germany. I hope all is summery, safe and quiet where you are.
Today's the day to introduce our 5th and last Design Team member to you.

And it is...


I met Kelly on the A Blog Named Hero Design Team in 2012. She made me laugh all the time, because she says what she thinks, sometimes a little bold, but honest to the bone. That's something I really love about her. I know she'll let me know if my designs need something. And she has awesome design skills also! 

Please give her a warm welcome to this new adventure!

Name, Age, Location:
Kelly Latevola, 30 (eek!) Ohio

Hi Kelly, happy you join us! Take a seat, get comfy. May I offer you something? Coffee or cookies?
Just coffee. Preferably Dunkin Donuts with double cream and double sugar. Basically coffee flavored sugar water please. 

Okay, you know why youre here: People want to know everything about you. Lets start with something simple:
Youre a paper crafter. When did you start and how did it happen?
I started scrapbooking in high school. (P.S. young girls don’t spend a lot time making scrapbooks of boyfriends. When you break up you’ll be heart broken to toss out all your hardwork, and not so much the boyfriend!) I eventually came across the wonderful works of Jennifer McGuire and was sold on card making. I hardly ever scrap anymore! 

What kind of projects are your favorite? And why?
Cards definitely. I love the small scale. Added bonus you get to feel a lot of accomplishment every time you finish one and it doesn’t take forever. Okay, it doesn’t always take forever  

Is there one technique that you use more often than others?
I’m a pretty clean and simple girl but I do love techniques. I especially puffy heart emboss resist. It never stops being cool! 

If you look at other peoples projects: What amazes you and what makes you frown?
I love, love, love when others find a way to incorporate a ton of items and it still looks clean. I am icapable of doing that. They have these beautiful layered projects that don’t look at all cluttered. When I try that it looks like I took everything I left on my desk and just glued it on top of each other. Frown? Hmmm. Probably unsightly color schemes. 

Youve been paper crafting for quite a while. Is there a lesson you learned that youd like to share with our readers?
Don’t think everything you make has to be awesome. We all have the good, the bad, and the OMG nobody can ever see this it’s so hideous. Remember when you’re looking at someone’s blog they are usually putting the best of the best out there  

Lets get to something personal. You live in Ohio. whats your favorite spot there and why do you think people should visit this place?
Probably Put-in-Bay. It’s right on the lake and they have such fun stuff to do. Boat rides, fishing, camping, and wineries. Good stuff!

What is a characteristic that describes you the best?
Honest. Bluntly honest. This is not always a good thing people

What else should people know about you?
I’m a Christian, wife, and mother to a sweet one year old. Being a Momma is rewarding and exhausting. We also have a fur-baby. My Molly is a boxer mastiff mix who we rescued. I’m a very blessed woman. 

Thanks for the interview Kelly, Im so glad and honored you joined out little team!

Kelly made a cuuuute glittery card with our bird freebie to say "hi". Honestly - this is perfect, isn't it? I LOVE the white spots that she made with a gel pen.

Now hop over to Kelly's Blog and leave her some love. She has adorable, clean creations!


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