Thursday, December 1, 2016

NEW CHALLENGE: Christmas/Winter

Hi Everybody...

one month is over, and now we have a new challenge for you. This time - of course - with a seasonal theme:

And for some inspiration we asked our Challenge-Winner from the last month to make a little card for you. And what can I say? We got more than one card, and because they are so very pretty we couldn't decide wich one to show, so we want to show you both.

This is from Kristin (you'll find her on Instagram  @kreativitaetstheorie)The used our last-year-kit-die (get it HERE) and createt this awesome blueish background, and in combination with gold it looks so very noble and classy.

And there is another variation of this Snowflake-Die. Can't say wich card is better! I love booth :-)

And we are not ready yet.  Tatiana wrote "GD" behind her name at the last challenge, so I asked her to make a card for this challenge. And again, I got two cards. Wow!

They are both really pretty...  love all these little details, especially this little tiny heart :-)

Ist'n that background cool? And the colouring of the penguins is so very smooth, really perfect.

Kristin & Tatiana, thank you so so much for giving us these pretty cards. It was such a fun to find these in my mails.

So, and now its your turn, link up all your cards (by following the rules ;-) all through the hole december :-)


  • This challenge is open to everyone, everywhere
  • create a new paper crafting project (card, layout, gift wrapping...) matching the theme
  • leave a short note on your post how you incorporated the theme to your project
  • Use at least one Create A Smile Stamp or Die as your Focal Point.
  • Post your project to your blo or online gallery including a link to the current challenge
  • Please display the challenge banner.
  • Link up your project to our Linky - please directly link to your challenge-post, NOT to your entire blog.
  • Add as many projects as you'd like, but make sure they all hit the guidelines.
  • If you would like to be a Guest Designer in one of the upcoming challenges, please add "GD" to your linky-title
  • You have until the end of the month to enter
  • One lucky winner will receive a 15€ gift card.
  • Have fun!

Click on the challenge-pic in the right sidebar, this will lead you tho THIS post, to link up your projects.
Have fun


  1. These cards are really aawesome! I don't know wich one I like better.
    You chose the right girls to be a guest designer.
    Hugs Kerstin

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