Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Caught A Bug?


Marika here with a new card, today I've choosen to use more neutral tones for a get well soon card. I had so much fun pulling out a whole bunch of different stamp sets for this, and also playing with my favourite background technique right now which is ink smootching.

Todays card came out of a want of using some distress inks that I haven't used, and also to do a more neutral card and not just bright pinks and blues, even tho I love those colours too! Also wanted a little play on words as the sentiment said a bug I wanted a single little monster in my bottle.

The techniques behind getting this result is quite easy and here is a video on how I did step by step.

Ink smootching has been my go to background technique for a while, it's so much fun and your backgrounds will always look different. My tip is to relax, and to let the ink take you where it wants to go. If you want a more controlled look you can use a brush and brush on the colour, but I really love the texture you get from the smootching. Also different papers will take water and ink differently, experiment with different papers and you'll find your favourite one, mine is Canson 300 gsm.


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  2. How cute is this? I wish we could catch bugs like this, then no one would get sick. What a cute card!