Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Little Easter-Treat-Baskets

Hi everybody, Birka here :-)
today I have a video for you, whats a liiiittle bit longer :-) BUT I'm showing you FOUR easter-Baskets with these super-cute Egg-Animals :-) 

Easter is comming. Hihi. So, and for this I love to give everybody of my family and friends a little present. I don't know if its the same tradition in the hole world as in germany. But here we create (or buy...) litte easter-nests, or basket. Then we hide it in the garden and the kids (or adults ;-) ) have to search for thier nests. And even with bad waether, we hide it inside of the house. Behind the couch-pillow, into the fridge or inside of the lampshade. And searching is soo much fun!
And for this reason i need some little baskets for letting all my families search the hole day :-)

To create this basket you need just Paper, glue, a circle-die and some decoration. AND you need a plan. I have for you two different files:
1. a pdf with (german) dimensions. But the plan is soo simple, very easy you can switch it in every size you need for your paper.
2. If you have a sillhouette cameo, you just can take my file and let it cut :-)
Both files you'll finde HERE

And to understand how to use this plan and for some Inspirations watch the Video (in english)

Und um zu verstehen, wie ihr die Skizze zu einem Körbchen verbastelt müsst ihr wohl das Video gucken :-) (in Deutsch)

This is your chance to use all your un-used pattern-paper :-) and the best part ist, the more pattern, the less decorations you need. So one Stamped/colored Image is enough. Otherside round, if you take one-color-card-stock you have to create some more interesting decorations.

What a coincidence... these two Stampsets are in the shop with a lower price. And "Upliftig" even lower, because its your last chance to get this, it will not be restocked


  1. Oh my....these are as cute as can be.

  2. Die sehen super aus und das Video dazu mag ich wie immer super gerne :-)
    Liebe Grüsse