Sunday, March 27, 2016

Let's Celebrate + more Masking!

Hi Everyone! Last week, I did some masking on the little envelopes. Today, I used masking again for a different stamp set and not for a one layer card. I usually like using masking technique when I need to make a one-layer card but it can be used to make your own customised embellishment / image.

This is a very simple care to make. The stamp set basically did most of the job for me! I prepared a masking for the bottle. Just one and that's all you need. I stamped the middle bottle first and then, the other two. I did not use any masking when I stamped the straws. I used watercolouring to colour the image. I just thought watercolouring might be a nice option to use since I'm trying to portray liquid anyways :D 

Add some glitters to the straw and that's it! I love you love it as much as I do.Oh and that pretty striped paper at the back is also from Create A Smile ;) 

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